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Printed Booking Form

If you wish to complete our manual printed booking for, please download it via the link below and post your form & payment to the address provided.



Contact Person

Steven Firth

Click here to email Steven →
07508 477677


Hire rates from 14th April 2014:

Main Hall £11.50 / hr
Room 2 £8.50 / hr
Room 3 £4.50 / hr

All above prices include:

  • General use of kitchen
  • Use of wireless internet
  • Use of AVA equipment
  • Use of flip chart and display screens
  • Use of staging

Full use of kitchen facilities for cooking - £11.00 single payment

Hire of white chair covers - £1.00 per chair

Whole building - 9:00am till 18:00pm - £115.00

Whole building - 14:30pm till 23:30pm - £115.00

Whole building - Full Day - £200.00

Hiring Agreement

There are some rules about hiring the Centre. We have tried to make them as few as possible. 'You' means whoever is hiring all or part of the Centre.

  1. DO please understand you have an obligation to prevent wilful damage and make good or pay for repair to any damage caused to the Centre or its contents during your hiring.
  2. DO make sure that nothing is attached to the walls. Display screens are available on prior order only and only velcro (provided) must be used on them.
  3. DO NOT touch the wall thermostats as the Wilson Centre is heated by groundsource heating and adjustment will have no effect for several hours. If you have any concerns over the Centre heating, please contact the Centre Manager.
  4. DO mop up spillages immediately and make sure that any accidents are recorded in the Accident Book (located in the kitchen), and reported promptly to Marrion Garrett on 01642 583659.
  5. DO make sure:
    - nobody smokes inside the Centre.
    - you know where all the fire equipment is and how to use it.
    - you know where the emergency exits are and that they are kept clear at all times.
  6. DO evacuate the Centre and call the fire brigade immediately if there is a fire - however minor. You need to make sure a working mobile telephone is readily available.
  7. DO make sure that, when you leave:
    - all electrical appliances, water taps and lights are turned off.
    - any pots and pans you have used are washed, dried and put away.
    - the room(s) you have used are left clean and tidy.
    - all bulky rubbish and any articles you have brought in are taken away.
    - you have checked that there is nobody left in the building
    - you leave by the external side door ensuring all windows and other external doors are closed and locked.
  8. DO make sure that if parking has to take place on the surrounding roads, it is done safely and with respectful consideration for our neighbours.
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